Brava: Lomba Tantum community demands measures against “clandestine” fishing and speed in repairing the cable car

Lomba Tantum, Jan 12 (Inforpress) – The fishermen and fishmongers of Lomba Tantum today called for urgency in repairing the cable car in this town on the island of Brava and also demanded measures to deal with the “clandestine” boats that have been fishing around Tantum.

Speaking to Inforpress, fisherman Marcelino da Lomba said that people in the town depend mostly on fishing and that the cable car has suffered several breakdowns, which has caused inconvenience to fishermen and fishmongers, as its failure has jeopardised the work of many people.

“It’s a cable car that had a good start and the capacity to transport up to 100 kilos or more of fish. During 2015, it’s been eight years, almost nine, and now the machine is in such a crisis that it can’t transport even 20 kilos of fish,” he said.

In this regard, he questioned where the money that the machine has raised over all these years has gone. According to him, those responsible haven’t even been carrying out maintenance, given that the cable car is already “badly broken down”.



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