Brava: Elementary schools receive technicians visit to assess the needs of rehabilitation works

Nova Sintra, Aug 7 (Inforpress) – Two Luxembourg Cooperation technicians are beginning a two-day visit to all the island’s elementary schools to analyze possible and necessary interventions in the bathrooms, kitchen and dining halls.

This information was given to Inforpress by the island’s education delegate, Orlando Burgo, saying that the island’s school delegation has already detected some toilets in some schools that need interventions, such as the Chã de Sousa school, which is currently banned because of the construction of a refectory and a kitchen carried out by the local association, but which soon showed damage.

According to the official, the space was banned by a technician from the Ministry of Education, noting that in the school year just ended the school did not work, for safety reasons.

In addition to this school, the delegate also spoke about the bathrooms in the Cachaço school, stressing that they are in need of rehabilitation and the island team will propose the expansion of the old school, in order to see if there are conditions to have a kitchen much expanded and a refectory.



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