Brava: Drivers “outraged” at the poor quality of Cachaço’s roads

Nova Sintra, 13 Nov (Inforpress) – Drivers of ‘hiaces’ (public transport) and private vehicles today expressed their “outrage” at the poor state of the access road to the community of Cachaço, in Brava, and the mayor said he sympathizes and supports the demand.

On a tour of the town of Cachaço, Inforpress spoke to some drivers of public and private transport vehicles, who say they are “annoyed” with the state of degradation of the roads, as the Brava City Council is aware of the situation that It has been getting worse every day and could get even “worse”.

According to Joaquim Gomes, a driver of a rental car, the road is in a “very bad” condition, which has been causing damage to drivers and vehicle owners, as vehicles are frequently damaged.

“I have already expressed this before with a post on social media and now I am here to appeal to those who have the right to resolve this embarrassment. The road is quickly wearing out of parts and causing damage, however, we pay taxes for road maintenance, so we call for the problem to be resolved as soon as possible”, he stated.



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