Bons Amigos Association leads dog castration campaign to neighborhoods in eastern part of Praia 

Praia, Jun 3 (Inforpress) – The Bons Amigos Association kicks off on Tuesday, June 4, with a campaign to castrate dogs in some neighborhoods in the eastern part of Praia.

On June 4, the Bons Amigos team will be in the neighborhood of Achada Mato, where they will remain until the 14th with the castration campaign, de-worming and raising awareness.

The Jamaica area will host the campaign between 15th and 20th this month. In the interval between the days 24 to 29 the members of the association will be in Castelão.

The districts of Paiol and Coqueiro receive the campaign from July 8 to 15. Between 17 and 22 of the same month will be the time of Lém-Ferreira. Achada Grande welcomes the initiative between July 24 and August 1.



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