Boa Vista: Platform President says that children of migrants from the West African coast “integrate well” on the island

Sal Rei, Jun 17 (Inforpress) – The president of the African Community Platform Resident in Boa Vista Island (PCA), Mamasamba Enbalo said Sunday that the children of migrants from the West African coast in Boa Vista Island, “in general are well integrated”.

Mamasamba Enbalo made the following remarks to Inforpress on the occasion of the celebration of the African Child Day (June 16), noting, however, that the first difficulty in the integration of the sons and children from West African coast parents is most often in obtaining the documentation, whether in terms of residence or Cabo Verdean passport.

This is because, as he explains, when parents find difficulty to obtain the documents or when they are expired, it ends up affecting the obtaining of nationality for the children “and there are consequent problems in school enrollment”.

However, he also notes that “there is a situation which he considers regrettable” and from his point of view has to be solved urgently”.



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