Boa Vista: Emigrant António “Santcha” honoured on his home island for helping people to emigrate

Sal Rei, Jan 15 (Inforpress) – Emigrant António Santos Neves “Santcha” was honoured this weekend in Povoação Velha, Boa Vista, for, among other things, helping people to emigrate, in an initiative by Rádio Rabil Internacional, in partnership with family members, and with the support of the local authority.

The sound of drums was the call to people, family and friends who gathered in the square of Povoação Velha on Sunday 14th to pay homage to António Santos Neves, a Boa Vista immigrant to the United States, better known as António Santcha, who was born on 13th July 1933 in Estância de Baixo.

Speaking to Inforpress, the honoured man’s daughter, Maria Neves Leite “Lutchinha”, explained that the idea came from Marcelino Santos of Rádio Rabil, who, in conversation with his father who was a seafarer, and hearing stories of the large number of people he helped to emigrate without charging a penny, thought that this tribute should be paid to him while he was still alive.

“I am deeply grateful for this recognition of this side of my father. We have no words to thank you. I see on his face how excited he is to be here”, he said, noting that the fact that he has been 40 years old without coming to his home island, health problems he has faced since June, adding to the tribute, and the trip to Boa Vista brought to his father “more life”.



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