Boa Vista: Councillor says council adopted ongoing programme for stray dog problem three years ago

Sal Rei, Jan 25 (Inforpress) – The Municipality of Boa Vista has adopted a special programme since 2021, through a workshop with continuity, to raise awareness and combat the problem of stray dogs on the island and the death of these animals on public roads.

According to councillor João Mendes, who was speaking to Inforpress about the work carried out by the council to tackle the problem of stray dogs on the streets and cases of dog poisoning, the council is in fact aware of cases of dog poisoning in almost every village on the island.

In fact, according to the same source, there are reports that “an individual had been putting poison mainly on the terraces of people’s houses to kill dogs”.

“Of course it’s not in keeping with the work the council has been doing with animals, especially in defence of cats and dogs,” he said, confirming that the council had received complaints from people who had reported their dogs had been killed.



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