Bishop of Santiago turns 70 today and will ask to resign from office at 75

Praia, Oct 4 (Inforpress) – The bishop of the Diocese of Santiago is now 70 years old and wants to leave office at 75, according to canon law, but, he says, the decision rests with the Pope.

“We celebrate 18 years and we become happy to have reached the age of majority and also when we turn 70 or 80, if you get there, is reason to thank God that gave us all this time to live,” he said in an exclusive interview with the Terra Nova newspaper.

However, the Father acknowledges that anyone “in their 70s is beginning to realize and become aware that he/she has lived more than half of his/her years and must also think about the next phase.”

Commenting on the next phase, Archbishop Arlindo said he was aware that by the time he reached this age, he had only five more years left as bishop of Santiago of Cabo Verde. Canon law requires 75-year-old bishops to submit to the Pope their resignation.



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