“Aventuras na Grande Biscainho” by writer António Ludgero Correia released at Praia

Praia, Oct 8 (Inforpress) – The writer António Ludgero Correia launched this Thursday,  the 7th, at the National Library, in the City of Praia, the book entitled “Aventuras na Grande Biscainho”, after publishing in 2018 the book “Em ritmo de Aventura”.

Speaking to Inforpress, the writer spoke about his interest in producing books can attract younger audiences, encourage with themes, sounds and stories to which the reader identifies and feels like reading more books.

“For a while, we can see that the literary production in Cabo Verde for younger audiences is a little slower, at first reading there is a need for the book to be striking, with something that holds the reader, then the previous book and this are books which invite people to read to the end”,  he told.

According to António Ludgero Correia, the book is structured in a simple way, divided into five adventures, so that the reader wants to reach the end, with the expectation doubled for the next production, a work aimed at young people of spirits.

“Aventuras na Grande Biscaínho” goes in the sense the reader friend let himself be impregnated by the various narratives, and using and abusing his imagination, experience, without leaving the couch, the adventures of our brave friends”, he said.



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