Associations and NGOs can from now on help in the preservation of the beaches with the project “Padrinhos do Mar”

Mindelo, 08 Sep (Inforpress) – The Ministry of the Sea has already launched the regulation that will allow institutions, associations and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to help in the preservation and conservation of the country’s beaches through the Padrinhos do Mar project. (godfather of the sea)

According to information of the Government, the public and private institutions can sponsor any of the 145 bathing beaches in Cabo Verde, thanks to “godfather of the sea”, which was designed by the Ministry of the Sea, through the National Directorate of Sea Policy, in partnership with the Maritime Port Institute (IMP).

The project, according to the same source, emerged with the purpose of joining forces to preserve beaches and marine ecosystems, allowing the country to “mitigate the contamination of our seas with plastic and plastic microfragments, through the practical implementation of measures which allow it to achieve neutrality in the short and medium term”.

The choice of a beach to sponsor can be made based on affinity or proximity and sponsors are committed to carrying out beach cleaning and conservation activities throughout the year.




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