Around 54 per cent of children in Cabo Verde grow up at home without father figure – president VerdeFam

Praia, Apr 2 (Inforpress) – About 54% of children in Cabo Verde grow up at home in an environment without the presence of the father, crucial figure for the children development, particularly in the adolescence, where there are various behavior problems.

The statement is made by the president of the Cabo Verdean Association for Protection of the Family, Francisco Tavares, who spoke today in statements to Inforpress about the father’s role in the parent-child triangulation in society today which, according to him, is full of risks and where it becomes “indispensable” to examine the impact of this absence on the psychological, intellectual and behavior of a child or adolescent.

“It is a subject of special interest today, due to the modification of the current family structure, in which the father’s growing absence is observed. The main theories of development are based on the conventional family model, and possibly the new configurations affect interpersonal relationships and intrapsychic, making this topic relevant”, he said.

According to Francisco Tavares, the paternal authority is essential. “So that the children know that there are limits” and they have references, and when does not exist the role of the father remains to be exercised and is mitigated in part by the mother, but the important part of education remains for the school to take care of.



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