ADEVIC ends the school year with 80% successful, but with the same problems as always

Praia, Jul 30 (Infopress) – Cabo Verde Visually Impaired Association (ADEVIC) ends the 2018/2019 school year with a success rate of around 80 percent (%) from preschool to secondary school, but continues with the same constraints as always.

The information comes from ADEVIC president Marciano Monteiro, speaking to Inforpress, when invited to take stock of the school year of the “Manuel Júlio”. “From what we can see, the school year was not quite what we wanted to, but it wasn’t too bad either, so we can say it was positive for students from preschool to high school, as the results of college students are still missing,” she said.

Marciano Monteiro, who considered the number obtained in the pass rate “positive” by both students studying at the association’s school and those studying in different types of schools in the country, added that the school continues to face the same difficulties.

“The constraints have to do with the tuition fees of some association students who study at universities, as well as the purchase of teaching materials, as each day the association is confronted with fewer companies that are willing to help”, stressed.



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