Adaptation of the work “Dona Pura e os Camaradas de Abril” by Germano Almeida at the Alentejo International Festival

Mindelo, 28 Nov (Inforpress) – The play “Dona Pura e os Camaradas de Abril”, the result of an adaptation of the work by Cape Verdean writer, Germano Almeida, with the same name, premieres in May 2024 at the International Festival of Alentejo, Portugal.

According to the synopsis, published on the website of the Saaraci Coletivo Teatral, which is responsible for producing the play, the show, which lasts about an hour, will try to explore the memory of a historical event that took place in Lisbon (Portugal), from the perspective of the colonised.

This, “providing a space for thinking about what society, civilisation, tolerance, communication, respect, equality, standards, integrity, values, democracy, decolonisation, political action mean, through the memories of small history, which bring the facts of big history to life”.

The play “Dona Pura e os Camaradas de Abril” will be staged and directed by João Branco, dramatised by Caplan Neves, with original music by Mário Lúcio Sousa and performed by Pedro Lamares, Matísia Rocha, Manuel Estevão and Sócrates Napoleão.



  • Galeria de Fotos