2nd Leader Cup edition combines sport with the fight against cancer and alcohol abuse

Praia,  Oct 11 (Inforpress) – The 2nd Leader Cup edition, which starts on Saturday, 12th, brings together 24 teams in a tournament that aims to raise public awareness about breast and prostate cancers, as well as alcohol abuse.

At a press conference in the City of Praia, member of the organization, Chady Hojeige, said that this sporting event, which will take place until November 30th, brings together clubs representing various public and private companies, to raise awareness about health issues.

During the tournament will provide health professionals to screen for breast and prostate cancers, which, according to the organization, are “one of the major concerns” worldwide.

This edition of the Leader Cup is highly sponsored by the Presidency of the Republic, with the intention of promoting the  “Less Alcohol, More Life” campaign, taking the opportunity to socialize the law that came into force on Saturday, 5th. The 2nd Leader Cup Edition also has a partnership with the Safendi Tudu Hora Association, aiming to support families in need with some donations.



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