2023 Scientific Prize awarded to five Cape Verdean researchers

Cidade da Praia, 13 (Nov) – José Joaquim Santos, Anyse Pereira, Hélio Rocha, Ava Cardoso and Nelmer Gonçalves were the five Cape Verdean researchers distinguished today within the scope of the second edition of the scientific award, which aims to promote actions that promote culture of research.

The awarding of the scientific prize is an initiative of the Government, through the Ministry of Education, with the purpose of promoting actions that foster the culture of scientific and technological research, encouraging scientific competition based on transparent rules to prioritize excellence in science.

Thus, José Joaquim Santos won with his work on Simulation, Analysis and Thermoeconomic Assessment of Thermal Systems, in the Cabo Verde Global Scientific Prize category, aimed at research projects led by Cape Verdean researchers in the country and in the diaspora.

The Cabo Verde Prize for Young Scientists, aimed at doctoral theses by Cape Verdean researchers in the country and in the diaspora aged no more than 35 years, this year distinguished two works, including a PYS ex-aequo prize for the doctoral thesis in Tropical Diseases and Global Health, authored by Hélio Rocha.



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