1st African Beach Games enrich Cabo Verde’s sports heritage

Praia, Jul 19 (Inforpress) – All materials used in the 1st African Beach Games, held on the Sal  Island, acquired or transferred and involving the 11 modalities, are available to Cabo Verde as well as the entire legacy in terms of training.

The president of the Organizing Committee of the 1st African Beach Games (COJAP), Filomena Forte, confirmed this information to the press this afternoon, at the end of the ceremony of the formal delivery of the medals used during this international event to the Minister of Sport, Fernando Elísio Freire.

Fortes said that in addition to the equipment, Cabo Verde already has a range of trainers, mainly Physical Education teachers, trained to receive events of this nature, emphasizing that the 1st African Beach Games have contributed to the enrichment of the national sports park.

The formal presentation of the medals represents a symbolic gesture for the president of COJAP as a means of showing the Government representative in the field of sport all recognition for the support and monitoring of this project, stating that “the success of the games also passes, by the tutelage”.



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